World Premiere of Celles d’en haut to open in Atlanta [fr]

This fall, Théâtre du Rêve, in partnership with 7 Stages Theatre, is thrilled to present the World Premiere of Celles d’en haut (Women on Top) here in Atlanta from September 11-20, 2015.

JPEG This new play commission is the product of Théâtre du Rêve’s four-year-long QUAD CITY COLLABORATION: bringing together dynamic theater artists from Brussels, Montreal, Atlanta, and Chicago. Inspired by Dante’s Inferno, Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain, and film stills by Cindy Sherman, the play is set in an “establishment” on an isolated mountaintop. Celles d’en haut celebrates women of all ages and the dynamics of their relationships, and with a wicked sense of humor gives us space to question: Who are we when removed from the context of our lives?

JPEG This project is about more than solely this exciting piece. Together, Théâtre du Rêve and 7 Stages Theatre are revitalizing what a partnership looks like. “Our companies share a vision. Together, we are responding to the climate of recent closings of Georgia theaters and feel it is imperative that we collaborate and share experience, energy and resources, instead of competing with and cannibalizing each other. We are stronger together,” says 7 Stages artistic director Heidi S. Howard. Théâtre du Rêve co-artistic director Park Krausen muses, “This is a relationship of mutual respect and mentorship, and our production and ‘re-energization’ of our creative/administrative team reflects that. With Celles d’en haut, we foster a cross-cultural, international dialogue, creating an artistically open space to both empower and inspire our audiences.”

Because both theaters are invested in community and educational outreach, a major component of this important production happens outside of the theater. Leading up to the production, TdR is hosting a literary salon series centered on themes pulled from the play, with the aim to bring together as many people of various backgrounds, professions, and passions as possible. Master classes and workshops will be offered in conjunction with the play in order to involve as many Atlantans as possible, all with the overall goal of extending the reach of theater above and beyond just the stage.

For more information on TdR’s literary salon series or ticketing information, visit or contact

When : September 11-20, 2015
Where : Goat Farm Arts Center (1200 Foster St NW, Atlanta, GA 30357)

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