Other events in 2011

1. January 2011 - Mission to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Launching of a joint doctoral program in autumn 2011 between the Gillings School of Public Health at the University of Chapel Hill (NC) and the School of Advanced Studies of Public Health in Rennes and Paris, for training executives in public health, both technical and administrative positions, with dual learning trajectories in French and in English.

2. January 2011 - Mission to Duke University
Preparation of the symposium International Research Group (GDRI) named iCEINT (international Center for Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology), consortium of French (CEREGE) and American laboratories, pilot in the study of environmental impacts of nanotechnology, with its director, Prof. Mark Wiesner of Duke.

3. February 2011 - Mission to the University of South Florida in Tampa
Participation in the workshop organized on February 16, by Didier Rousselière, Director of Business Incubation and Global Partnerships at the University of South Florida Polytechnic (USFP) in coordination with Karen A. Holbrook, VP for Research, Innovation and Global Affairs (USF).
Visit of the Polytechnic in Lakeland. Created in 2007, it is the only polytechnic public center in Florida for research and technological innovation. Visit of the Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute (FIPRI), federal agency for industrial treatment of phosphate and its impact on the environment.

4. March 2011 - Mission to Miami for the preparation of an academic cooperation in Jacmel (Haiti)
Preparation of a forum in Jacmel, Haiti with the Vice Director of Haiti State University, Wilson Laleau, the Counselor for Science and Technology at the Embassy of France and the Roosevelt Institute in Washington D.C..

Visit with the Counselor of the Embassy of the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (Miami University).

5. March 2011 - Mission to the University of Georgia in Athens
Working meeting to define a collaborative sustainable project in public health between the University of Montpellier and Franklin College.

6. March 2011 - European Science Café
Launching of the European Science Café with the consulates of Switzerland, Belgium and UK. Location: Alliance Francaise in Atlanta. Coordination and communication between the different consulates are managed by Johanna Ferrand.

7. April 2011 - Mission to Kennesaw State University
Meeting with Daniel S. Patt, President of Kennesaw and Joseph Remillard, head of an exchange program with Europe.

8. May 2011 - Mission in Alabama
Meeting with the Director of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research Center at Auburn University. Meeting with the Dean of the College of Engineering and Computing.

Invited to the Hudson Alpha Institute of Biotechnology on the Cummings Research Park in Huntington.

9. May 2011 - Preparation for the visit of the Ambassador of France in Atlanta
Meeting of the French Ambassador to the United States with Bud Peterson, President of Georgia Tech. Visit of the Marcus Nanotechnology Building.
Meeting of the French Ambassador to the United States with James Wagner, President of Emory University.
Evening at the Alliance Francaise with the French community in Atlanta and partners of the France-Atlanta event.

10. June 2011 - Visit of Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine at Emory University
Organization of a three day program during which, F. Barré-Sinoussi presented conferences on the invitation of the Yerkes National Primate Center, the Emory Center for AIDS Research and the Emory Vaccine Center. F. Barre-Sinoussi was honored with the Georgia Research Alliance Pioneer Award from Emory University.

11. July 2011 - Welcoming of the European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation
Visit to Georgia Tech of Maire Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner, with the President and leaders of Georgia Tech.

12. August 2011 - Symposium at Duke Marine Center in Beaufort (NC)
iCEINT French-American symposium on environmental implications of nanotechnologies. It strengthened French active collaborations in effect since 2001, especially with the team of Jean-Yves Bottero from the CEREGE (European Centre for Research and Teaching in Environmental Geosciences, Aix-en-Provence) and 9 laboratories (CNRS, CEA, University of Aix-Marseille I and III, Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble, Paul Verlaine University of Metz, Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse, Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC), University of Strasbourg).
The Counselor of the Embassy attended this symposium in Beaufort.

13. September 2011 - Mission OPECST
On "Innovation put to the test of fears and major risks", the mission (September 12-13) that was led by the French parliament representatives M. Birraux and M. Le Déaut (Chairman and Vice-President of OPECST) concerned two locations in the Southeastern USA: (1) Atlanta, visit of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC), the Georgia’s Centers for Innovation (GCI), (2) in North Carolina, visits of the NIEHS (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences), Duke University (Civil Department and Environmental Engineering) and the Research Triangle Park.

14. October 2011 - Attendance of the Ambassador at the opening of France-Atlanta 2011
Participation in the organization of his attendance at the symposium "Georgia Tech Lorraine - Enabling US-French Cooperation in R&D and in Higher Education".

15. November 2011 - Mission to Columbia University
Preparation of the anniversary conference "Innovation, a solution to global crisis" celebrating the first year existence of SKEMA, French Business and Management School on the campus of North Carolina State University.

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