Residencies and Mobility

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Louis Henderson, "Code noir" (2015)

The Institut français’ artist-in-residence programs give young designers, artists, filmmakers, exhibit commissioners, authors, etc., from France and abroad, an opportunity to spend a few weeks, or months, in another country to develop their creative project, with the help of a scholarship or housing provision.
Immersion into another country, culture and language gives artists an opportunity to put their practices into perspective to help enrich their work. This sometimes gives rise to unexpected collaborative projects.
For a complete list of residencies (French and American artists), please click here.

The Institut français supports the book industry, the largest cultural industry in France, and one of the most international ones as well, by supporting the translation and screen adaptation of French works and fostering the travel of French-language authors all over the world. Writers are major vectors of France’s intellectual and cultural influence.
Various programs are available to help promote work by French authors, such as:
- Supporting Translation
- Promoting French Authors
- Book-to-Screen Adaptation
For more information about these programs, please click here.

Four mobility programs host activities for participants from all over the world, stressing areas such as culture, learning the French language, human rights as well as civic action and new media.
For more information, please click here.

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