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Have you ever dreamed of being a knight?

Do you think you can solve mysteries? Or are you an adventurer concerned about the planet Earth? Then it is your turn to play! After all these adventures, you must want to take a rest. Do you want to read, fiddle or chat? Test your courage and become a knight. You mission? Freeing the princess.

If you like making object that you imagined...

This website is for you. Takacréer offers many ideas to make your projects come to life. You’ll see: making business cards, labels for your notebook or invitations for your friends is very easy.

Novels made for young readers at last!

If you’re between 8 and 12, here’s a collection of short novels which will surely entertain you. If you like adventures, let’s read!

You like being updated


You feel concerned about what is going on all over the world? You are not afraid to learn… Thanks to clés de l’actualité, you will have an easy access to every piece of info you need.

France 5, the channel of knowledge, has developped a really interesting website. You may get detailed notes over several topics such as the Great Wall of China, water, roman city, Napoléon Sacre or Indian Brazil.

If you have never really understood the system of French institutions or how french bills were voted, and if you think these topics aren’t so interesting…Here are some websites that will prove you wrong!

You are fond of reading


Here are some websites that will help you share the pleasure of reading! Animated poems, virtual theater, novels, comics… you may even have a chance to enter Victor Hugo’s world. You like poetry and you want to have fun discovering poems in an animated and original overview. Climb up the poem tree.

If you are into theater, you should go check on the Gros becs website… The well illustrated and lively webpages of the Gros Becs Association offer short theater plays very nice to hear and to see! However, if you are looking for a play to act with your friends, you may find a few ideas here.

You’re a big fan of Astérix, and Tintin, Comics have no secret for you? You can read extracts from the most famous authors and you can even understand how comics are created.

If you like the Classiques, the French National Library has gathered the french literature “chefs d’oeuvre”. The dossier Gallica Classique t’ouvre les portes de La Comédie Humaine de Balzac, et de bien d’autres monuments de la littérature française.

You are fond of arts


Would you be able to name the 7 arts? There are painting, sculpture, dance, music… 4 out of 7 this is not bad! Whether you are an amateur or a pro, come and test your knowledge!

Painting and sculpting

Picasso, Chagall, Monet, Manet, Dali: France had the chance to welcome the greatest artists of our time. We now give you the chance to know more about Arts and visit the greatest museums of France. If you live far from museums and yet, you are willing to develop your artistic sense? Make yours the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay. Come into the Virtual Museum, the only museum that gathered the greatest works of our tie. Not only will you have access to these works classified by authors and movements, but you will also find explanations and very useful notes.


France had the chance to welcome the greatest dancers in the very famous Opéra de Paris. If you are fond of the dancing world, this website is for you!


You love music? Visit the Cité de la musique’s website and you will find what you need to create your own tunes…

You are fond of sciences


Stars, Water and Sea, Electricity and Light… as many elements that are part of our everyday lives without us noticing them. Here are some clues to understand them while having fun. Will you be Einstein or Marie Curie? Come and explore the world of science and experiment at City of sciences’s laboratory.


Stars attract you? You are fond of astronomy? The solar system has no more secret for you? Welcome on board for the Cité de l’espace!


The Marine museum is an incredible place. Every year, many exhibitions are held there. You should come and explore the worlds of Jules Verne or of Capitaine Haddock!
Water is part of your everyday life, and yet, do you know where it comes from and where it ends? Find out here!


Light is a really interesting phenomenon… but how well do you know the physic properties of light? This is the opportunity to know more!

Discover France


Looking for a fun way to discover France and the Francophone World? You would like to visit Provence and the Loire Castles? You want to understand why France is the world capital for fashion and taste... Those pages are for you!

Travel in space and history

Where are the Bouches-du-Rhône on a French map? Which countries are in the Francophone world? Here are some maps to help you locating where you are in the world.

Discover the patrimony

Built for the World Fair, the Eiffel tower is a symbol of Paris. Come discover it with its lights and its paronamic view.

Paris, Loire castles, Côte d’Azur, Provence…are so many places to discover!

Come explore the most precious treasures of French patrimony! France is well-known for its taste for cuisine… Discover a part of it with the chocolate museum.

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