Measure for foreign nationals in a relationship with a French citizen [fr]

A specific measure has been adopted allowing foreign nationals who are in a relationship with a French citizen to obtain special authorization to enter France, despite the fact that its external borders are closed to the citizens of numerous countries.

This supplements the options already available for the spouses and civil partners of French citizens.

It is aimed at individuals who can demonstrate a relationship of at least 6 months prior to the border closings (or since September 2019, at the least) and a previous stay in France. It allows for a maximum 90-day stay whose main purpose must be the partner’s visit (excluding any professional projects or long-stay plans).

You may send a request by email with the following:

  • A letter signed by the foreign and French nationals
  • A copy of identity documents
  • A round-trip flight itinerary
  • And any objective items that can attest to the existence of a romantic relationship (passport pages indicating travel together, reservations in both names, etc.)

Allow at least 7 days between sending the request and the planned departure date.

Responses to these requests will be sent out promptly by return mail only.

Last modified on 20/10/2020

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