Growing French investment in the U.S. Southeast [fr]

2015 has already been an eventful year with announcements of several new investments in the U.S. Southeast by French companies Hutchinson Corporation, Actemium, Arkema and ORECA.

PNG Paris-based Hutchinson Corporation announced during the 2015 Paris Air Show, its intent to open $2 million aerospace manufacturing center of excellence in Mobile, Alabama. The company is a world leader in airplane cabin comfort and safety, delivering thermal acoustic insulation systems for airplanes. The investment includes the creation of a Federal Aviation Administration 145 Repair Center and a repair and service center to support the Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility located at Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley. The center of excellence is expected to be operational later this year, creating as many as 100 jobs over the next three years along with significant expansion opportunities.

PNG Also in Alabama, the already-present French company, Arkema Inc., a global chemical company, announced that it would make a $60 million capital investment at their Axis, Alabama site generating some 25 new jobs. The company is adding to their production line to make Kepstan® PEEK (Poly-Ether-Ketone-Ketone) used in 3D printing and carbon fiber applications. Currently, the Axis plant employs 105 people and produces acrylic polymers, thio chemicals and organo tins used in the construction energy to make roof coatings and windows more energy efficient.

JPEG The French company Actemium announced the location of its U.S. business unit, Process Automation North America, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Part of VINCI Energies, Actemium is a network of 300 business units dedicated to industrial process, located in 35 countries across the world. Actemium supports industry players worldwide to develop, modernize and enhance the performance of their industrial sites. As a part of the Process Automation division, Actemium provides local support to European-based clients for their automation and MES-related projects.

Charlotte also welcomed in April the North American base for ORECA, a French racecar ream and manufacturer.

These investments only reinforce the importance that French companies attribute to the U.S. Southeast as an ideal location for economic growth and opportunity.

Last modified on 23/02/2016

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