From the desk of the Consul General: March 2019 [fr]

JPEGDear French and American friends,

Last month in my editorial I spoke about the Elysée Treaty and Franco-German friendship. This month gives me the opportunity to acknowledge another EU partner and a new addition to the consular group here in Atlanta: the Netherlands. The new Dutch Consulate General is opening its doors and joining its EU counterparts Germany, Britain, Ireland, Greece and France here in Atlanta.

And now, a reminder to all French citizens living abroad about France’s national dialogue called the Grand Débat National.

As you know, in accordance with French President Emanuel Macron’s desires, every French citizen is invited to contribute to the national debate, whether online or via local, in-person meetings.

You can connect directly to the Grand Débat National by going online (find instructions on the French Consulate’s webpage). More than 1.1 million people have already done so. Or, you can also engage with those involved in the political and democratic process, such as elected officials in your jurisdiction, who are participating in the national exercise. The key is to carry out this dialogue within the intended framework so that every person’s contribution, without exception, will be taken into account and become part of the final report.

It’s not too late to participate in the Grand Débat National: the closing date is set for March 15.

See you soon,

Louis de Corail
Consul General of France

Last modified on 01/03/2019

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