From the desk of the Consul General: April 2019 [fr]

JPEGDear French and American friends,

With European elections fast approaching, it’s time to talk about how voting is organized for our French compatriots here in the Southeast United States. For the record, the election — a single round — will take place on the American continent on Saturday May 25 which is, as per usual, the day before the elections are held in France (on Sunday, May 26).

French citizens registered on the consulate’s electoral list: you have received an email from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs informing you that you may no longer have "double registration" both abroad and in France. If you chose to stay on the voting roll here in the Southeast United States, you may vote via one of two different systems in the upcoming European elections. The first option is to vote by traditional ballot at a voting station in one of three cities (Atlanta, GA; Greenville, SC; or Raleigh, NC) depending on your place of residence. The second option is to vote by proxy by taking your voting form to the Consulate General in Atlanta or to one of our honorary consuls anytime, under the condition that he or she is of French nationality.

Warning: if you chose to be registered only on the voting roll in France, you can no longer vote in the United States — you must either return to the community where you are registered in France or designate an elector in that community as a proxy. In the latter case you can of course designate a proxy from here in the United States, under the established conditions and taking into account the delay getting this information back to France.

Finally, please note that the consulate has organized two tours during this month: one in Hattiesburg on April 10 and another in Mount Pleasant on April 24, during which you can schedule a meeting to establish a proxy.

Find more information on the matter on our website. The most important thing is to vote! The team here at the Consulate General is at your service should you have any questions.

See you soon,

Louis de Corail
Consul General of France

Last modified on 02/04/2019

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