French Tech Visa [fr]

France extends an open invitation to entrepreneurs, investors and talents to come to France to join, launch or invest in a French startup. Get on the fast track!


Who is it for?

For employees: join a French startup

To keep the French Tech momentum going, our startups will have to hire thousands over the coming years. Enter French Tech Visa for employees, probably the most accessible startup employee visa in the world.

For founders: launch your tech company from France

France is a great home for founders looking to start ambitious companies. If you are a tech entrepreneur, we hope our accelerated visa scheme helps you feel welcome.

For investors: invest in French startups

Move to France to get access to better deals. This visa was tailored to seasoned business angels, or foreign VC firms opening offices in France.

For more information, please consuult the La French Tech website for more information!

Last modified on 17/06/2020

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