European Science Café: Nature-inspired innovation [fr]

Ever wonder how age-old products like wood are being transformed into materials of the future? Georgia Tech Professor Christopher Luettgen gave a talk on the topic during the March installment of the “European Science Café” lecture series with a speech titled “Renewable products and innovative materials: how nature is transforming industry."

With the world facing an ever more delicate environmental situation, Luettgen explained how scientists are turning to nature, and in particular the forests, for solutions to many problems, such as the depletion of fossil resources.

Wood has always been a valuable material for humankind — whether used for heat, as a building material or for making paper. This age-old commodity could also turn out to be a cutting-edge resource for the future, Luettgen told the crowd, which gathered at the Alliançe Francaise to hear him speak.

Thanks to technological advancements, wood and biomass can now be transformed into innovative and high-end material for industry. Meanwhile, advances in manufacturing mean extracting valuable products from biomass can be done in a more sustainable way.

In his presentation, Luettgen discussed the opportunities bioproducts and bioprocessing provide society as well as the state of their current development.

The event was put on in conjunction with the Mission for Science & Technology of the French Embassy and the Consulate General of France in Atlanta with the support of the Alliance Française and the Atlanta Science Tavern.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the European Science Cafe a grand success and stay tuned for the next Cafe discussion in June!

About Professor Luettgen

JPEGChristopher Luettgen earned his bachelor’s degree in paper engineering at Western Michigan University (’85), his master’s degree at the Institute of Paper Chemistry, Appleton, WI (’87), and his Ph.D. at the Institute of Paper Science and Technology — now the Renewable Bioproducts Institute at Georgia Tech (’91).

Professor Luettgen has 25 plus years of industry experience, with Scott Paper and Kimberly-Clark Corp., where he most recently served as senior research and engineering manager for the Kimberly-Clark professional business sector. He has held positions in product development and innovation as well as in capital project management and manufacturing facility leadership.

He rejoined Georgia Tech in November 2014 as a professor of the practice in the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and associate director of pulp and paper at the Renewable Bioproduct Institute (RBI). He also serves as director of industry strategic partnerships in the Georgia Tech Professional Education Division.

For a slideshow of the March European Science Cafe, click on the photo below:

European Science Cafe, March 2018

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