Editorial of the Consul General - February 2017 [fr]

JPEG Dear French and American friends,

As we begin this New Year 2017— the entire team at the Consulate General wishes you again happiness and success—the hour has come for statistics and assessments. Know that on December 31, the community of French citizens registered with the consulate came to 7,185 people, of which 5,298 registered voters. The bar of 7000 registered French citizens was surpassed and in both cases, reflect the vitality of the region and the commitment of French constituents to our democracy.

Last month, we had the pleasure to welcome to Atlanta Senator Olivier Cadic, one of the representatives of the High Assembly of French citizens living abroad. His visit, the first in our jurisdiction, marked the interest that our parliamentarians have for French companies established in the Southeast – certain were able to share with him about their successes as well as their concerns. Senator Cadic met with local authorities, particularly the Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Economic Development Pat Wilson as well as the organism Invest Atlanta in order to recall the attachment of our country to developing bilateral economic relations.

The Senator also visited two schools in Atlanta, the Little Da Vinci School and the Atlanta International School where he met with administrators, teachers and personnel. He also met several education directors — Greenville and the l’Ecole du Samedi were also present—as well as the Inspector of National Education, Fournier Dulac, who was on a business trip in the region. Finally, several meetings with the consular advisors, the French American Chamber of Commerce and the French Foreign Trade Advisors were organized.

See you soon,

Louis de Corail
Consul General of France

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