Campaign: Help restore France’s Castles [fr]

Earlier this month, heavy rains led to one of the most severe floodings in the history of France, devastating some of the country’s historic and beloved landmarks. In response to the damages done to many castles and other historic sites, the French Heritage Society has launched a Flood Damaged Châteaux Campaign to help with preservation and restoration efforts.

JPEG From the iconic Château de Chambord - the largest and most famous in France’s Loire Valley - to countless private and public châteaux, several of the most famous French castles are now facing the consequences of the floods and needing urgent restoration work.

Another example is the Château de la Ferté-Saint-Aubin in the Loiret, which was one of many properties to be evacuated as flood waters engulfed the estate. Making the devastation even more poignant, restoration work had been on-going over the past 30 years: the park, cellars, outbuildings and bridges leading to the château were all damaged by the floods. The clearing, cleaning and restoring process will begin as soon as the waters recede.

Several campaigns are under way to help protect France’s castles. In the US, the French Heritage Society is committed to awarding the funds raised by their campaign to selected projects that meet the criteria for restoration grants.

If you would like to help by donating to the Flood Damaged Châteaux Campaign, please click here.

Campaign Dates: June 17 to September 30, 2016 - For more information, please visit the French Heritage Society.

Last modified on 30/06/2016

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