Business France in Atlanta gets full make-over [fr]

Following the merger between UbiFrance and the Invest in France Agency on January 1, 2015 that established Business France, the newly named French trade commission office in Atlanta has completed its transformation with a whole new team.

JPEG The government agency, Business France supports the international development of the French economy by fostering export growth of French businesses as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. “Business France personnel, composed of an extensive network of more than 1,500 employees across 70 countries, are highly committed and passionate about their work, serving not only individual companies but France as a whole,” said Business France CEO Muriel Pénicaud.

With offices in Chicago, Detroit, Houston, New York, and San Francisco, Business France- Atlanta is pleased to welcome three new trade advisors to its Maison de France location. Their presence only confirms the importance that Business France places on the U.S. Southeast as an economic center.

Meet the Atlanta Team:

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Business France- Atlanta Office
(L-R): Mélissa Bounoua, Mory Keita, Mel Bandler

Mory KEITA, "I like creating values for companies by helping them expand internationally."
Expertise : New technologies, innovation services
Education : Bachelor of Science in Economics with Political Science Minor – (2009), St Cloud State University ; Master of Science in International Business (2013), Georgia State University

Mel BANDLER : "I love that my business sector (Agribusiness) allows me to connect the people of the Southeast with yummy and innovative products from France. In the supermarkets we encounter the same products all the time so it is exciting to be contributing to a diversification of what we eat and have the opportunity to drink! Within public health I am very passionate about food systems, so I feel as though connecting French producers who use good ingredients (all natural or locally sourced or regional specialties) with American consumers is still promoting a better food chain."
Expertise : Agribusiness
Education : I graduated from Rutgers University in New Jersey with a degree in public health and French. I did a semester at the Sorbonne in Paris and St. Petersburg State University, in St. Petersburg Russia.

: "My main objective is contacting the French and the American companies and encourage partnerships between them in Fashion, Beauty, Design and Tourism sectors. Every project is a new challenge. You have to start from the beginning: market research, study regulations, product characteristics, contact new people… You have to be ready to represent the company and promote it as a product/service ambassador. As simple as it is, I love my job! I am lucky to wake up every morning and work on passionate projects. My mantra? Stay foolish, stay hungry!"
Expertise : Fashion, home decor, beauty
Education : International trade management, Euromed Management school in Marseilles (France) and Faculdade de Economia e Administração de São Paulo (Brazil) .

Last modified on 23/02/2016

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