Alexandre Proia : innovating Atlanta’s dance scene [fr]

Arriving in Georgia in 2013, Alexandre Proia is already making an impact on Atlanta’s art scene as artistic director of his Marietta based dance company Proia Dance Project.

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Alexandre Proia

For this accomplished performer and choreographer, innovation is at the core of his artistic vision. This atelier engenders a particular environment that fosters collaboration, bringing together dancers from a wide variety of backgrounds. From ballet to salsa, hip-hip to trapeze performance, Alexandre’s group is very diverse which is exactly what he prefers. “I’m not trying to create a classic dance company. It is very mixed, and I like mélange.” Charismatic, dynamic, and energetic, the 6’ 2” instructor holds a remarkable presence during his classes and creates a mood that blends both focus and creativity. It is clear that this is not just a profession, but also a life-long passion that he wants to share.

Born in the region of Pas-de-Calais, his fascination with the beauty and poeticism of dance began at the early age of 3 ½. After overcoming a grave sickness at this young age, he was first exposed to his life-ling idol Fred Astaire, the formative figure of his dream to become a dancer in the United States: “my dream was to meet Fred Astaire. This is the reason I started to dance.”

After moving to Alsace-Lorraine, he began dancing at 8 years old, only later moving to Paris to be trained at the Paris Opera Ballet. At 19, Alexandre was offered a position with the New York Ballet where he performed and debuted many principal roles for 12 years. He also taught and choreographed at several well-known establishments including Julliard, New York University, Teatro Colon, and Capetown City Ballet.

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Proia Dance Project
(L-R): Alexandre Proia, Jillian Mitchell, Nathan Gonzalez, Rebekah Diaddigo, and Daniel Stefe

But what brought this accomplished dancer to Atlanta? The Georgia Ballet. Brought in as the artistic director, Alexandre left only after one year and founded the Proia Dance Project and TrancenDANCE, another project that aims to create an establishment where several art communities can converge to produce and perform “a real conversation between artists”. With his company, Alexandre aspires to create a cabaret in Atlanta where the community can come and enjoy food, wine, and a unique a multimedia experience that is created through live performance in tandem with performances via the internet, bridging the geographical gaps between artists. In doing so, Alexandre wants to further expand the francophone culture in Atlanta by presenting and bringing more French artists to his stage.

By Kate Clark, intern

Last modified on 01/02/2016

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