Add a French touch to your meals! [fr]

France has a new digital platform dedicated to promoting its culinary heritage and art de vivre.

PNGIn 2020, the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food launched Taste France Magazine, a digital platform focused on the versatility of French food. Taste France makes French gastronomy more accessible for both experienced and casual food lovers. The website features numerous articles and videos presenting various aspects of French cuisine, including unique, quality recipes fit for any occasion.

French cuisine values fresh, authentic ingredients – whether meats, spices, vegetables or cheese. Taste France promotes this philosophy by placing the ingredients at the center of all culinary conversations. In this way, visitors will find in-depth explanations of French products, including their origin, characteristics, nutritional information as well as recipes. The website also includes an integrated, interactive map to help users find the featured products as well as French restaurants, bakeries, and markets throughout the world.

If you are interested in adding a French touch to your meals, check out Taste France today!

Last modified on 01/06/2021

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