A word from the Consul General : November 2015

JPEG Dear French and American Friends,

The month of November begins in the midst of the 6th Annual France-Atlanta. I am pleased to report that the 2015 program is off to a great start. Already, hundreds of participants have attended the numerous events in its first week, and there are still many happenings to partake in before its conclusion on November 9. I strongly encourage you to check out the remaining events and attend as many as your schedule allows.

On November 11, I will return to Charlotte, North Carolina to decorate 17 American WWII veterans with the French Legion of Honor. These ceremonies are always a moving experience for me, and it is only fitting to mark this important day of remembrance by honoring these brave veterans on this i

In addition, I will make a brief trip to Birmingham, Alabama as a special guest for a program organized by the Anti-Defamation League. This will be an opportunity to share about the numerous measures undertaken by the French government to fight against anti-semitism and other acts of hatred.

To conclude, I am delighted to share that, beginning in the Spring 2016, Delta Air Lines will begin a new direct flight between Raleigh-Durham and Paris. This new daily flight is the fruit of several years of groundwork by the business and university community, with the help of our Honorary Consul, Marie-Claire Ribeill. In that regard, I would like to commend Marie-Claire, her colleagues at SKEMA, and the rest of the French business community that played a role in making this new flight possible.


Denis Barbet
Consul General of France

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