Tourism in France

  • Discover France

    Discover France on a multifaceted destination that distinguishes itself from other European hotspots thanks to its diverse landscape : coastline, mountains, city, country, or even ultra-marine destinations.

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  • Visa formalities

    Discover the conditions and procedure for obtaining a visa to visit France.

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  • New tourism measures

    Tourism accounts for 7.5% of national wealth and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development has released a new plan worth €42.7 million.

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  • Events not to miss

    Participate in the major events in France : festivals, food and gastronomy, music, sports, dance, painting, sculpture, contemporary art, architecture, circus, theatre, and more!

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  • Organize your stay

    On the website, prepare your visit to France.
    The official tourism website in France will give you all the information you need to get inspired and prepare your voyage to the cities and regions of France.

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  • Security - Information for travelers to France

    General information about security measures taken to ensure your safety during your trip in France.

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