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The jurisdiction of the Consulate General of France in Atlanta covers six states : Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee


The Atlanta location fulfills the traditional functions of a Consulate General of France in a foreign country: Chancellery functions (visas, passports and all administrative formalities), a Department of Cultural Cooperation, a Department of Scientific Cooperation and a Department of Press and Communications.

The Chancellery

The Chancellery provides administrative services to French nationals including passports, civil registries, social assistance, scholarships, assistance to incarcerated French citizens, etc. It also oversees the visa department for foreigners applying for a visa to come to France.

The Cultural Office

The Cultural Services Office works with its American partners to promote Franco-American exchanges in the artistic, audiovisual, literary, educational, university, and non-governmental fields. It provides support and advice to individuals and institutions and develops numerous programs and projects in partnership with them.

The Scientific Office

The Scientific Office is tasked with identifying new possibilities for collaboration in the domain of research, most notably between American clusters located within the region and their French counterparts. It is a priority of the Consulate general of France in Atlanta. Both France and the American Southeast share the benefit of excellent universities and research centers. Contacts and exchanges between them already exist, but they can be developped and furthered.

The Press Office

The Press Office oversees external communication. It is responsable for maintaining close relations with the local media and the official institutions, with explaining French government policy in foreign and domestic affairs, and with updating the Consulate’s Website (including its Newsletter, Twitter, and Facebook Page).

Business France

The service to French companies interested in the American market is now provided by Business France. Business France provides assistance to French Companies looking to initiate or expand their export activity to the United States. It also helps American companies looking to invest in France.

Last modified on 08/08/2016

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